Tuesday, December 23, 2008

White Trash

The album inspiration is in title and the music. This one is more of an acoustic/electric based album with a vocally rich overtone. Each song tells a little more of the story in the white trash world for example jumping on a tramp, this is the story of a john going out and getting a hooker that happens to be large. Part of the references in the song refer to the theory that you don't pay a hooker to stay but rather to leave. It is a common thought among some people that I have meet that weather you have a girlfriend, wife or hooker you still pay for sex. That being said, I think some people haven't found the right partners or maybe just put too much emphasis into getting laid. Sex is nice but love can last a lifetime.

Another dark place the songs on this album can take you would be exampled by the song Wife Beater. This song delves into the emotions behind domestic violence and the damage it does to families with children. I thought this was important after hearing stories of the what happened to the children now separated from there families and trying to grow up with such a emotional developmental disadvantage.

There are also some more light heart-ed and fun songs such as The Lamp light, a song about going out and drinking after a hard weeks work. Blue Collard Man also has melancholy joking side to it meant to help people lighten up a bit.

All instruments were preformed by Titus Etheridge. The drums were made on a Alesis SR-16 & LADS Drum Loops. The backup female vocals were preformed by Shannon. All tracks and mixing were engineered by 8th Productions Portland OR.

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All tracks, songs, instruments and vocals are all the sole property of Titus Etheridge and 8th productions.

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