Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Misty Days - From Funkyhairman Album 38

Added a new video to you tube for the song misty days.  This is the first release for a new download only album coming out on the 14th of june.  The album is a musical documentary of my 38th year on this planet.

Here it is:


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blackend Eyes

I just set up some music on sound cloud and have a better way (at least I hope it is) to get to those that want to sample it.

Blackend Eyes

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy Faces

Funkyhairman: Crazy Faces

Just unleashed the newest album up on CD baby downloadable mp3's only.

The CD's will be ready in a few weeks also it will be available on itunes and other online stations within the next few months.  I also have a few videos in the works that are sure to be worth viewing.
Here is the first one:

I also updated my website and added this page:

I am the LINK!

You can Also find updates and listen to songs on Facebook.

Please enjoy.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carry US

This single about the Arab spring is ready to be exploited by the masses if they are so inclined.

Click here for a sample or to buy.

You can listen to the full version here or on my Funkyhairman Facebook.

This song will also be released on an album called The New Way in 2013. I had to put it out as a single in advance because it just came together so quickly.

Here are the lyrics if you must know:

The leaves that fall are surely frozen and the worlds unfair

I ask you now what have you done to change the world out there

You scream and you pout at everyone who cares

I tell you now if you don’t no- one else will

Driving in a positive direction could get you there

Now you see the second stage start peace for all those who care

Society is Peacefully squabbling for things to share

The dream is always beginning till it becomes bare

Intently we always noticed endings not all bad

Carry me cart everyone to the victorious end

Lift me up

Carry me, Carry me



Please enjoy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

8th The Album

It's on the way the newest addition to the Funkyhairman collection.

Here is the link for the release date : http://www.funkyhairman.com/8th.html

Here is some cool stuff I wrote about my work to help make me sound cooler and give a little insight:


This song is about the incomparable ending of all things in death. Also mentioned in the end is the profiteering aspect of life as it pertains to the hypocrisy in wellbeing.

This song is a piano based piece; that has the most structured composition and is the center piece of the album.


This song was originally conceived the day they found Layne Staley’s body dead in his Seattle apartment about two weeks after he died (April of 2002). The original recorded version and lyrics were mistakenly erased and forgotten but, the piano structure and emotions invoked by the tragedy would never be lost.


“Every season my colors change and the deep ones stay the same” Opening line to the song.

This song is a tribute to painting emotional philosophy through music. Covering how life is always changing but, you don’t seem to change much inside. The person, you were as a child is still there somewhere. The teenager, afraid of love and how it could change us is still clamoring to the freedom of youth. Of course this is the analytical explanation and if you know anything about emotions is they don’t make logical sense. Unless your true idea of sense, is really just confusion.


The explanation of this song can be compiled in two whole verses:

“Rode down some storied page, broke down along the way. Now that I know what it’s about, maybe I could change”.

“Sometimes you want to fall in love, sometimes you want to die. I just wish I knew, how to fly”


The premise is in the title however, to take it a little further for the sake of understanding if you will; the song was meant to depict the cold rise from static thought. This song is also helping to erode the tragic state of blind belief that perpetuates hateful ideals in everyday life.


Let the music be my paint brush and I will paint you such a picture-

This picture is clean with sharp strait lines and bold strokes that came to me on a Wednesday.

Soft Rage-

A distantly wild and long piece that travels though time on a journey made of rhythm and dreams. You start in one place enjoying some piano centered trotting melody only to find yourself on a more wild and dangerous mission.


The message is simple enough and I believe this song to be the most polished of the bunch. Surprise it is completely different in tone and structure from the rest of this album.

And from here the change begins, enjoy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Video for Sadd

I uploaded my first Funkyhairman Video to Youtube; it's for the song Sadd.


Fun times!