Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Stage

Our Stage is another place I like to use for musical competition it's kind of a monthly battle of the bands in various types or channels as they call them. You upload your music select what type of "channel" you would like them to compete in and people judge them against other songs in that category. The cool part that I like is I get to judge other people's music as well to see how I compare to other people out there. There is some sweet stuff out there and of course the artist that are terrible and ridiculous. If you are sick of the radio I would suggest listening to some stuff and leaving some feedback. Enjoy this website before some corporate knucklehead tries to charge you for it. While your there check me out Link

Worlds Best Producer

I have a space on Worlds Best Producer that I have posted some of my music from the White Trash Album. If you would like to listen to some of the tunes that I have released check out this link.

I like the forum of competitions you find on this website although sadly the music I have done doesn't fit very well. They have built a very cool and easy to use web page and it's nice how other artist can rate each other. I was very impressed also with the widget feature and have used it to link with one of my other web pages for the White Trash Album.