Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carry US

This single about the Arab spring is ready to be exploited by the masses if they are so inclined.

Click here for a sample or to buy.

You can listen to the full version here or on my Funkyhairman Facebook.

This song will also be released on an album called The New Way in 2013. I had to put it out as a single in advance because it just came together so quickly.

Here are the lyrics if you must know:

The leaves that fall are surely frozen and the worlds unfair

I ask you now what have you done to change the world out there

You scream and you pout at everyone who cares

I tell you now if you don’t no- one else will

Driving in a positive direction could get you there

Now you see the second stage start peace for all those who care

Society is Peacefully squabbling for things to share

The dream is always beginning till it becomes bare

Intently we always noticed endings not all bad

Carry me cart everyone to the victorious end

Lift me up

Carry me, Carry me



Please enjoy.