Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grey Wolf

Well here we go just as promised I have the first lyrics from the song Grey Wolf and I have included the story behind the song as well. Just a little added bonus to kick off the lyrical journey of all the Funkyhairman & Headphone Jack songs in no particular order.

Grey wolf

Look in my eyes
The feelings inside

Look in my eyes
There’s no place to hide

Let’s walk together
Let’s talk together
Must give without want
Without want

I love you
I hate you
I’d exonerate you
From the evil inside me
That would surely betray you
It’s cold
It’s so cold

Titus Etheridge

© 2006
8th Productions

The story behind Grey wolf

I had this children’s record when I was a little boy growing up in Salinas California. The story from what I remember was called Grey Wolf, who was not the main character, but was the dream guider for the main character Barrington. Barrington was a bunny that was lost in the snow with no family of his own. He was in search for a place and family with the other creatures in the forest. The problem was he wasn’t like the other creatures and they wouldn’t accept him. He couldn’t climb trees so the squirrels would not let him live with them and he couldn’t swim so the beavers would not let him live with them. So he started to get cold and tired that is when the Grew Wolf appeared with his silvery cold eyes to give him some comforting advice. He convinced Barrington to give each of the animals of the forest a gift with no strings attached. So Barrington went out and gave the squirrels some nuts and the beavers some twigs and that made him feel a little warmer inside and a little less alone. As he hopped away from his lat stop of gifting wonderment he spotted a lonely field mouse lost in the snow. Barrington asked the field mouse where he was going and the mouse to told Barrington he was lost and could not find his family and was very cold and afraid. Barrington asked the mouse to crawl under his warm fir for the night to get some sleep and in the morning he could find his way home. The mouse was very grateful and took refuge under the warm bunny for the night. The next morning when the mouse woke up and the sun was shining he crawled out from under Barrington and noticed that somewhere in the night the bunny had died. You see Barrington had no family and no friends the only thing he had was a gift with no strings attached. That gift was to sacrifice his life for other to live.

I have heard some say the Bunny was like Jesus and the wolf was like the father or God. I don’t really see it that way but I can see how they would. I would assume that who ever wrote that story probably had something like that in mind. I liked the story because it relates to the power that I think we all possess. The heart felt ability to help others in need, without want for any ourselves. Often times so many people give their donations to reap the tax benefits, or for self gratification and political gain. Like to them charity is some kind of popularity contest. I would guess most of the time it doesn’t matter to the ones in need but sometimes the stings are too thick and it really isn’t worth it to take the charity. Hopefully if I ever have to help you never know it was me. I think it’s cool when a stranger helps you out then just walks away. It isn’t a big deal we all need someone sometimes the world is just too difficult to get through all alone.


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Shannon said...

Right on, baby! What I hear is that we are all connected, that we need community to survive, that we can give and receive help without any expectations of reciprocity. I love the idea!